Party Roles

Belgost: Scout – underdark translator/guide; darkvision 120 ft; flight 60 ft (good); Healer (Cure Light Wounds); Melee Attack (scimitar or longspear +2), 4th level Bard

Kilvas: Flanker/Scout – setting up and using combat advantage. 60ft darkvision, 30ft move. Damage Dealer, Full Attack (Daggers 1d4+Sneak Stab +2d8 x2), 4th level Rogue. +17 to stealth

Lyle: Sniper – Ranged attack, and combat support; No darkvision, 20ft move, 4th level Rogue

Nikita: Artillery – Magical ranged attack and support abilities; 60 ft darkvision, 30ft move. 4th level Warlock

Saestra: Crowd Control Tank – defensive combat buffs, can clear large area of living combatants. 30ft move in full plate, Melee attack (cold iron/silver bastardsword), 4th level Cleric.

Shevall: Arcane Caster – Mixed Melee and Arcane Spellcasting; low-light vision. 30ft move, melee (shortsword +3) + shocking grasp, 4th level Magus

Windra Melee Tank – Positive Energy Channel/Smite Attacks. 60ft darkvision, 20 ft move in full plate, Melee Attack (Greatsword),4th level Paladin

Party Roles

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