Advancement System

Advancement System

Ability scores are with these points (you have 40 points)
The ability scores cost in your “advancement points”

7 0 pts
8 1 pt
9 2 pts
10 3 pts
11 4 pts
12 5 pts
13 6 pts
14 8 pts
15 10 pts
16 13 pts
17 16 pts
18 20 pts

You can also use them to buy feats (3 points), or skills (1pt per rank), or extra hit points up to maximum (1pt per hp).

As you advance you will also get more points, that you will be able to use to advance ability scores, and buy feats and skills (or try to max your hit points); only difference is there is a minimum cost of 2 points per increase of ability scores after character creation.

The advancement points are 2+ (new level/2, round up) + (1, if favoured class); minimum 2 points per level.

You get this instead of the favoured class bonus, increase in ability scores, and feats gained at levels.
You can use them also to max your hit points if you roll poorly for a level, or get extra skill ranks.

If you play something with a level adjustment, you lose the Level Adjustment from your points gained each level.
If you play a race with a LA+2, you will only gain 2 + (new level/2, round up) + (1, if favoured class) per level, with a minimum gain of 2 AP.

E.g: LA+3 moving to 5th level favoured class would be 3 (new level/2 rounded up) -1 (2 base – LA+3) +1 favoured class for a total of 3 AP.

Otherwise level adjustments have no other effect, they advance at the same rate as everyone else.

Note with Level Adjustments
If you have multiple level adjustments, take the highest LA, then add 1 for each additional template with a level adjustment.
eg. a Half-Dragon(4)/Drow(2), would be an LA+5

Advancement System

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