Battle through the Underdark

Flight of the Solar

As the group rushes away from the oncoming hordes of hook horrors, Thibault and Spoon stop for a breather.

Spoon, seemingly hurt, starts to glow. He stops, and the little terracotta statue explodes in a burst of bright light.
Standing in its place, is a slender dark haired elf. Taking the stunned Thibault by hand and dragging the unconscious Toryn, he heads downstairs to the dwarf temple.

Confronted by the door, he states his name as Veldrin, and his intent is to serve himself and the greater good (in that order)

Rushing in, he puts Thibault down, and drops Toryn next to Dorn.
He then runs into the hall of the Dwarf Gods, and their reliefs. (aftter rushing a quick intro with Dorn)

By the time the others get into the room, Veldrin is speaking to a Solar (who looks like Clangeddin Silverbeard) and seems to be asking about some assistance in clearing out the drow level so the gnomes have free passage to the surface.

After a short discussion, the Solar vanishes in a brighter than the sun type of flash. Veldrin then addresses Dorn, and the now awake Toryn.

He introduces himself, as their one-time friend Spoon. And makes a comment about “There is no Spoon” then explains that he’s effectively cast a wish spell, which has its own cost in his life essence.

The group then rests, and after they are healed, they head back to the drow level to investigate what has occurred. All the while, Veldrin and Dorn are discussing who Veldrin is, and what brought him into being stuck into the “Spoon” statue.

After they rest, the group notices a lone Orc-Kin looking at them. The group decides the orc is friendly enough (despite it talking to them about poking them full of arrows) and they soon befriend it.

They then leave to investigate level 4. Upon getting there, they see the illusions have been dispelled; realise there is a lot of burnt flesh everywhere and dead drow. They see the remains of Windra and Kilvas (untouched in the middle of the entrance room) and what seems to be a large column like building which is totally untouched by the devastation.

It takes some experimentation, but the group finally manage to open the doors to the building. Inside are sleeping drow, and upstairs is a room with statues looking like the PCs and a miniature Solar. In front of the statues are a bunch of items apparently tailored to each of the PCs.

Next steps for the group will be to explore further and decide exactly what they want to do

PCs received 4000XP (2000 for clearing out the drow, and 2000 for saving the gnomes) and a smattering of items

Scott, just realised the Fort DC was going to be 34; wihch was impossible for me.
So I’ll just drop back to 5th (just need to clarify how much XP that puts me on? if its half-way between 5th and 6th on medium then that drops me down to 19912XP, which with the 4000XP from last night, brings be back to 6th level – so no real change – I’m happy with that if you’re ok with it – effectively means I get zero XP for last night)

Also, I’m going to drop the Inertial Armour Feat (looking at it makes my head go a bit squiffy – its really for high Psionics campaigns, so no biggie for me, I’ll just swap it out with a different feat)

its a Trap!!

PCs retreated from the Drow Level (lvl 4) leaving Spoon stranded up there on his own.
Spoon managed to escape from the Hooked Horrors and hid near the stairway.

PCs regroup after a little bit of rest and decide to re-engage the drow.
They attempt to head in, planning some of their actions on the stairway, but get interrupted by a lone drow who appears to be setting traps.

Thibault manages to zap the drow with a charge from his wand of lightning.
The rest of the group then engage and Toryn is attacked by two Hooked Horrors waiting on the other side of the double doors.
Spoon tries to assist, but isn’t much use, and Toryn is soon drubbed into unconsciousness.
In the meantime Kilvas enters the fray, and is rent asunder by a hooked horror, who is just waiting for a new target.
Windra tries to assist as well, but is overpowered.

Meanwhile, the pack of celestial dogs summoned by Thibault takes down one of the hooked horrors., and Spoon blasts the other with an acid bolt.

With the hook horrors down, Thibault then walks into the battleground and searches for the hidden mage. He spots the caster and they swap spells (Thibault’s lighting versus the enemy spellcaster’s fireballs)

End of the combat, Thibault and Spoon walk away (relatively unhurt) Kilvas is ashes (after having 2 fireballs explode around his corpse) Windra is a charred corpse (after being blown to bits from 1 fireball) and Toryn is a slightly charred unconscious giant.

Session ended there, PCs who were conscious gained 4500XP

As the two remaining PCs head off, Thibault summons a couple of celestial apes to drag the Windra’s corpse, Toryn’s unconscious form, and the remaining artefacts from Kilvas (if any survived the double fireball)

Spoon’s magical jar seems to glow for a little bit, and then Thibault sees some cracks appear on the jar and on Spoon.
As the two PCs approach the stairs, Spoon crumbles into dust, and his voice is heard saying… “Not again!”
Surviving PCs nearby (within 30’) get healed with 2hp of positive energy (yeah I rolled low)

Spoon has just emerged from his terracotta cocoon. He’s with Thibault and an unconscious Toryn, heading towards the 3rd floor (the Dwarven Temple)
Last you all remember is a blinding flash of light, and Spoon’s terracotta body exploding in a flash of positive energy (it heals 2 hp to everyone within 30 feet)

In his place you see:
a slender dark haired elf appears from the ashes of the tiny terracotta statue you knew as Spoon. Clothed in leathers and silk, you notice that he is bound hand and foot in cold iron chains which appear to have intricate arcane marks traced onto their surface. Looking closely, you realise that his features match those of your friend Spoon.
As you watch, the symbols glow, and the chains crumble into a pile of rust at his feet.

Right now we should look at the party build again, and figure out what we want to do.

We have:
1x Arcane Caster: Thibault (Tiefling Wizard)
1x Divine Caster: Dorn (Ghaele Eladrin)
1x Melee Tank: Toryn (Ogre Magi Warrior)
1x Tactical Freak: Spoon (Elf Soul Knife)
1x Half Giant? ?? (Half Giant ?)

Mel is making a blaster
Kyle is making a ranged fighter.

Not sure what the Half Giant was (Michael, we haven’t done any character introductions for any new characters)

Spoon has now been updated to reflect his Melee Combat build (yaay for way too much Level Adjustment again)

Pits and Spiders...

After dealing with the Drider, killing it, and taking its stuff…

The PCs head through the two double doors. Like most things of dwarven make, these are counter-weighted and use some sort of mechanism to open.

Behind that is a cavernous space, with a stone wall directly in front of the doors, and two walls leading off to side caverns/halls.

The PCs head in, and go towards the left most side-cavern/hall.
Inside it, they see two strange creatures like beholders on legs.

Toryn, charges through, and fails to see the pit covered with an illusionary floor. He tumbles into the pit and lands in a green slime.
The rest of the group, leaps across (save for Windra, Thibault, and Spoon) to engage the creatures.

Thibault casts some spells to summon creatures, Windra pings the abberations with some arrows, and Spoon charges blindly (not having seen the illusion) and he too tumbles into the pit (thankfully he is immune to the slime, but loses his magical items in the process)

A battle ensues, the PCs are victorious, and Spoon makes it partway up the pit before Toryn eventually saves him.

Soon the PCs see a couple of hooked horrors emerge from the gloom, and as they prepare to attack, the group decides to retreat, while drawing the horrors into the pit.

The plan would have gone off without a hitch, if Spoon hadn’t been left behind (he was playing bait) or if the party hadn’t been ambushed from behind by some form of spidery spell-caster (and its well placed fireball)

Deciding that discretion was the better part of valour, the group retreated fully, with Toryn dropping off Spoon’s magic jar near the doorway. Dorn attempted to stop the spidery spell-caster, but finds himself falling down a secondary pit.

Spoon meanwhile, has been left on his own to deal with the hooked horrors, and is soon bested and sent running away. (Just realised that the sunder won’t work on Spoon as the Statue spell doesn’t actually turn him into an object) He soon flees into one of the pits to recuperate, and after about a minute climbs out to dish some distracting acid damage to the spidery spell-caster before running behind the doors and hiding by melding into his magic jar.

Session ended there, with the PCs getting 686XP each.

Some stuff to clarify:

  • Illusion magic seems uber powerful. Disbelieving doesn’t dispell, and it still blocks line of sight? Should probably take a look into that Scott.
  • Spoon managed to break free of an improved grapple (kinda cool story wise, but no way to do so in statue form or in normal form – though the hooked horrors were doing minimal damage to him – mind you, the size difference kinda negates any actions Spoon could have taken, so I’m still ok with the outcome)
  • There’s other stuff but eh, minor issues not really worth mentioning.
Along came a drider...

The group ended up consulting each other on their abilities, and headed up towards the 4th Level, where the carnivorous drow live.

Kilvas and Spoon took the lead, scouting ahead while invisible.
Past the hole in the stone wall, the two scouts find a steel door to the right, and stairs leading higher.

Towards the 5th level, there is another big stone door barring the way.

Deciding it is best to head towards the steel door, the two investigate, and discover it is barred and locked from the inside.
Kilvas then decided to unlock the door, but on finding that it is also barred, the two head back down to the Ghaele and Thibault.

The group then decide to assault the steel door.

On crossing the hole, the two visible PCs (the Ghaele and Thibault) trigger some form of shrieking fungus. In the commotion, Spoon starts knocking on the big steel door (Big thumping sounds using his ladle)

Soon after, a Drow wielding a frying pan opens the door.

While the Ghaele (sorry Mick, I can’t remember your character’s name) distracts the Drow with parley, Spoon sneaks on in.
Unfortunately for Spoon, he steps on some loose stone, and makes a sound which causes some creature/being inside to cast a magic missile spell on him.

Battle soon ensues, and the Ghaele charges the steel door, while Thibault attempts to stop any conflict.

Inside the door, the group sees that the drow is not alone, there’s a monstrous drider casting spells at any who enter.

Spoon turns invisible again, then heads off into the room. Soon followed by Kilvas, who goes off and dispatches the currently stunned Drow.

After this, the Drider catches the group in a Web spell, which is soon dispelled.
Thibault uses some magic to conjure some celestial dogs, while Spoon distracts the Drider with some thrown objects and an acid orb spell.

A quick melee happens, where Kilvas delivers two precision blows to the Drider (killing it) while Thibault disables the drider with a Grease spell.

The Ghaele, Spoon and the summoned celestial dogs meanwhile flank the creature and cause enough distraction to enable the group to survive.

Session ends, with the drider dead on the floor, one exit behind the PCs and another doorway in front.

PCs get 1550 XP from this session


Hall of the Dwarf God

The party, still on L3 (in the Hall of the Dwarf Gods).
There are a number of bas-relief images on the walls:

  • Bald Dwarf sitting at a table infront of a horde of coins and gems, on the other side of the table is a human with his head in his hands.
  • Dwarven woman standing at the hearth, holding a max in a defensive stance, behind her is a crowd of dwarven children
  • A silver bearded dwarf with giant twin double axes charging a one-eyed Orc.
  • Female Duergar, her head is surround by an halo of fire.
  • Dwarf in adventurer garb going down a cavern, he has turned back to you with a glint in his eye inviting you to follow.
  • Profile of a Shield Dwarf with a beard that seems to be made of crystal, he is standing in front dwarvern catecombs crushing the skull of a wight;
  • A weary looking dwarf wearing a mask, he stands in front of the ruins of a dwarven city. The stone he is carved in appears to be darker than the rest.
  • A beautiful dwarvern warrior maiden dancing with a greatsword through a horde of (dying) goblins.
  • A bald duergar sits on an iron throne, chained to the throne are countless slaves of many races (including dwarves).
  • A young and joyful dwarven warrior is running along a road, with a forest behind and mountains in the distance.
  • A wise old, but powerful looking dwarven king on a throne. His gaze is intense, looking at him makes you feel like he is looking into your soul.
  • Beautiful maiden in a mushroom field is kneeling beside a dying dwarf, her hovering hand is surrounded by a halo. It looks like she is about to use some healing touch.
  • A wild naked dwarf is climbing a massive tree using clawed gloves.
  • A laughing dwarf is taking a coin punch from a elven patron who is holding a magnificent longsword like a long lost child.
Spoon has touched the statue of a dwarf with 2 axes.

After about a minute of Spoon zoned out with his tongue touching the bas-relief image of a silver bearded dwarf with giant twin double axes chargint the one-eyed Orc. The little creature snaps to, and turns to face the party. In your heads you hear the following

Spoon: All of you tall folk listen up. There’s not much time, and so much to discuss. And as much fun as basalt tastes, I don’t think you’re all that interested.

  • First, these images are all some kind of device which allows contact with something or someone else. I have received a warning that we should not touch the images of the Duergar lest we be possessed. When touched, the images take you to another plane or maybe its some form of mind speech, similar to what I’m using now. I urge caution when dealing with these creatures, they may not mean you direct harm, but they have their own agendas. Also once a communion with these beings is ended, their images will remain silent for a cycle of the moon. So beware, don’t squander the opportunity, and be careful.
  • Second, the tall folk on level one, the weakened and the vulnerable can be helped by the running dwarf. We should make this a priority.
    The gnomes we should take to the 7th level of this complex, where they have some form of byway or route to safety.
  • Third, we’re in bigger danger than you know. These dwarves know more, but they have their secrets. The issue we have right now is that a scary being called the Revenancer, or the Lady of the Dead is on her way here, or probably already here somewhere. And we need to do what we can to stop her. This being is revered by the Dark Ones, they treat her like a deity, but she isn’t the Tyrant Poisoner. This place is important to her plans, but I am not sure on what she plans on doing while here or how this will help her bring doom to all.
  • Fourth, the Talking Dead is as old as this place, he knows some of its secrets, and is probably the cause of the ruins we see. Destroying him would help limit the number of foes we have, but I don’t know how to do that. We are potentially safe here from him, but maybe that in itself is an illusion.

I need to warn the Winged One, he needs to lead the tall folk to safety, and he needs to meet with Fangs on the Wind, they need to talk. Or at least the dwarf here <points> told me these two need to talk.

For now, I think we should plan, but before you start, I need to speak to the dancing lady here.

After a little bit of consideration, and Q&A between Spoon and the rest of the group, Kilvas begins moving towards dwarf bas relief wearing the mask carving the ruined city and reaches out to touch it as Spoon reaches out to touch the bas-relief of the dancing dwarf maiden

The party ends up speaking to more of the dwarf gods.

Spoon speaks to Haela Brightaxe, and Kilvas speaks to Gorm
After this, they both inform the party that there is a big evil on the way, and that for one reason or another, the group should try to stop this evil from taking what it wants from the ruins.

Spoon also advises the group that there is now a portal to the surface, which the Refugees should take.

The group then heads back to camp, and prepares the refugees to head to the surface.

The portal itself opened into a basement. The basement of the Old Skull Inn in Shadowdale.
After some conversation with Florin Falconhand, the group manages to convince the dalesmen that they mean no harm, and have some refugees with them (who have apparently been missing 6 months or so)

Some down time is had, the group sells most of its loot, and comes away with 2 wands of cure light wounds and an alchemist’s kit. They also go about getting items identified.

On the way back to the Dwarf Citadel, the group is stopped by Thrip, who wants to converse with the “tall folk” An arrangement is soon made, and the deep gnomes also leave the underground, to make their own way up top.

With the down time over, the group heads back into the Underdark, and take their provisions back to their camp. During this time, they decide to go investigate the 4th level.
On the way up, they once again encounter the ghost. This time it is Spoon in front.
When the ghost dwarf’s fear ability doesn’t seem to affect Spoon, the little creature confronts the ghost, and is soon thrown into the drink (thankfully he is able to survive the fall)
Meanwhile, Windra dispatches the ghost again.

Spoon, while down in the “well” notices the dwarf’s remains. And when Toryn pulls him out of the drink, points out the cracked and chewed bones.

Taking the bones, the group heads back to the Dwarven temple on level 3, and Thibault then goes about researching for methods of properly burying a dwarf.

Once this is done, the group rests for a little before continuing on their way.

Session ends there, PCs get 3200XP

Movin on Up
Nothing can stop us

The PCs soon meet up with new adventuring companions, and decide to investigate the upper levels.

Leading the way, they head to Level 2, and look at the giant log wall occupying the western quadrant of that level. Deciding that there was no way through, the PCs leave the structure alone, and head to Level 3.

Level 3 is fronted by a small gallery of Dwarven Gods. It is soon evident that the PCs have entered some form of secure area, with the doors only opening once all PCs have made their intentions clear, and have stated their patron deity/ideal.
Past the entry hall, there is a circular room with a fountain in the centre. Leading from this rooms, exits are North, East and West (the Players come from the South hallway)

To the West, the players discover a large library with another exit to the West. Thibault (the Tiefling) investigates past this exit to see another Mess Hall/Communal Classroom used in ages past.
To the North, the players discover another gallery of Dwarven Gods. Each God depicted in statue form. It isn’t until Spoon touches one of the statues (wanting to taste the stone that the Statues move)

Players get 533 XP for the session.

Should get some introductions out of the way:

Spoon – Tiny (21" tall) gnome-like creature, with a strange cast to his angular features. Previously thought to be rather orcish, the features resemble something from the land of Faerie more (being something more akin to a very bestial looking elf than anything else) While previously he appeared to be made of terracotta, on closer inspection, you can tell it is some form of living stone. There are lines of power which further define his features (like some form of magical tattoo) Carries a large (for the creature) silver ladle and not much else.

Can the rest of the PCs please do a little intro like the above?

Next steps…. Obviously Spoon has caused something to move… we’ll need to either play that bit out in e-mail or in next session.
We should get the other PC introductions out of the way, starting with the Tiefling (at least we know his name)

Also, as part of the “downtime” let’s assume the players managed to rest, and identify the loot from last session.

Hydra Down, Jahvocks Down, Saestra Sheval Nikita Down

Talky Talky (Kilvas), Sparkly One (Windra), Shiny Woman (Saestra), and Pointy Ear (Shevall) seem intent on defeating the ginormous construct shaped like a hydra. Broken Orc (Toryn) has agreed to help (which is good) and Living Dead Man (Nikita) has also agreed. These people need my help, so I tagged along with them.

Pointy Ear is a big time spell caster, he cast many many spells, mostly to make the big folk even bigger, and to give them the strength of bulls (or what the people down here call Rothe). Shiny Woman also cast some spells, mostly to protect the Sparkly One and herself.

Everything seemed to go alright at the start, there was a plan, and the group stuck to it. They destroyed the Hydra with a little help from myself, making sure that Broken Orc was healed. Talky Talky gave me a curing stick, but it felt more like a hitting stick. You can never tell with the big folk.

After defeating the multiple constructs shaped like a Hydra, the big folk wanted to attack the Deemons… Good Idea says I, as if the Deemons are freed then they would terrorise the people living in the dwarven citadel. And the Winged One wouldn’t like that. He’d probably blame me… Silly big winged ones, they always judge by people’s actions, and keep forgetting we’re not as perfect as they are, even if I do have a spark of the divine. It should know by now I’m a protector.

It all started well, until the Broken Orc, who now looked like a Stunted Giant, attacked one of the Jovok. Seemed that the attack broke the magic circle holding the Deemon, and freed the others. These Jovoks are strange, they seem to be demons of retribution, any hurt you place on them, they then double back on you.

Maybe I should’ve hit them first, it wouldn’t have hurt so much. The first demon did something, released an unholy coldness, and it dropped the Shiny Woman, knocked out Pointy Ear, and hurt everyone else very badly. I tried to save them, but they were too far away, and the cure stick didn’t work all the time… maybe its broken too.

In the end, there were just three of the big folk left. Talky Talky (who was hurt very badly), the Sparkly One (who had been knocked out) and Broken Orc, who seems to have a similar healing ability to my own. They knocked the Deemons out, but I don’t think leaving them alone is a good idea. I think they need to slay the Deemons’ physical forms and make sure they don’t get free. Maybe I can do that for them, I don’t think acid will do much, but maybe strangling the things will. It makes me feel sad that we’re having to do this, in this way, but there’s no other way to deal with Deemons, they’re all about wreaking havoc and causing pain.

I’m sure the Winged One will understand that sometimes you just have to do what’s right. And what’s right with dealing with demons is to get rid of them.

We are about to head back to camp with our fallen friends when the Talking Dead appeared. Apparently he was claiming the dead to re-create his traps. I don’t like Talking Dead, he’s not right in the head, and was threatening everyone. I almost attacked him, but that’s just what he would’ve wanted, and Sparkly One was hurt pretty badly. Best to just leave it be for now. I’ll tell Winged One about it, he’ll probably know what to do.

Session ends there, Surviving PCs get 4600XP

Challenge of the Derro

The PCs head back to camp, where Belgost and Lyle say their goodbyes to the Scouting Party. Lyle decides to stay as he feels he can assist with the defenses, and Belgost has found that with the Scouting party away, there is no one to protect the refugees and svirfneblin.

At this time, the group is joined by a new adventurer, the Half-Orc Barbarian/Warrior? Toryn.

After a rest, Saestra cures Kilvas of his petrification, and the group plans their assault on the Construct Hydra. Saestra, Nikita and Shevall decide it best to investigate first prior to simply attacking the Hydra. When they get there, they decide to peek into the chamber first, and soon notice a small demon waiting and taunting them. Deciding that the trap has just become more complex, the trio retreat back to camp followed by the sound of mocking laughter and the clucking of chickens.

The trio of Shevall, Saestra and Nikita brief the others on the new developments, and it is agreed that there is no need currently to attack the Hydra. Belgost reminds them that rampaging demons (even small ones) pose a great threat to the refugees; especially if the demons manage to slip past the scouting party. The group remains resolute, and decide to take care of the more immediate threat, the Haunt in the stairwell.

Once at the Haunted Stairs, Saestra decides to confront the ghost, accompanied by Windra and Toryn. The ghost soon manifests, and panics the otherwise stalwart Cleric of Kelemvor, and the Half-Orc Warrior. With the two running away from “cannibal paladins”, Windra turns to warn the others, but in the confusion the Ghost manages to scare the remaining party into retreating. Shevall manages to make it all the way to the camp before Nikita and Windra disperse the ghost.

Back at camp, Belgost calms Shevall down, and casts some protective magic to help deal with any future possibilities of ghost attack (Aid spell and Protection from Evil)

Meanwhile, Saestra and Toryn make their way to level 4 (10 or so windings of the stairs) and find their way blocked by a stone wall. The two decide to break through the wall, as they feel they are still being pursued by cannibal humans. They spend some time breaking through only to be confronted by a Mind Flayer. Deciding that they are not prepared for this, the two retreat back down the stairs and are met by a small creature calling itself Spoon.

Spoon is a tiny creature, about 21 inches high, who appears to be a gnome warrior made of terracotta. Lines and runes glowing with power appear where the seams in the clay seem to meet, these glow with a cold blue light. Dressed in well made traveller’s clothing of his size, he (?) carries a ladle which appears to be about his size. Careful examination of his face shows that he has an orcish cast to his appearance.

Accompanied by their newfound friend, Saestra and Toryn head back down to the 2nd level, where Spoon has advised that Vreck has apparently cleared of any Fish Men.

Once through the 2nd level doors, the trio of Saestra (Shiny Woman) and Toryn (Orc Sword) and Spoon are confronted with a wide open space and a bridge leading to a bigger cavern. On one side appears a deforested area, and the other leads to a forest full of strange angular trees. They head to the trees after Spoon creates a magical cauldron with Prestidigitation, and filling it with gruel (to appease the cannibals following)

The rest of the group find the cauldron of gruel (and the sign saying Frie Fud (knot poysonus) magically suspended above it) and realise that their friends must have passed over the bridge recently.

On the other side of the bridge, the group encounters the Derro Lich, who offers them a challenge; Take on the Hydra and win the spoils, or face the demons which have now manifested in the room. Either way, the group gets something out of it (either loot, or the safety of the refugees)

Deciding that there is little else they can do, the group head back down to prepare…

Session ended there, XP allocated was 452

Hydra (u) like Construct (ion)

After a brief discussion, the group prepared for battling an undead hydra.

As they entered the combat, Belgost noticed a figure watching the group from the rooms above. Deciding that nothing could be done that moment, the group entered the room and advanced towards the Hydra.

Taking flight, Belgost closed and surveyed the surroundings, his impatience at being land-bound showing as he attempted to use his Smite ability on the Undead Hydra. The rest of the group followed suit. It became obvious to Saestra, (and later to Belgost) that the Hydra they faced, was neither a Hydra, nor undead. Instead they realised (too late) that it was a construct. By this time, the battle was joined, and the group were having to deal with a pack of wights and two construct creatures who blocked the exits.

Taking his spear, Belgost decided to take out what he believed was the construct controller (the foreman as you will); Kilvas took this lead, and cast Dimension Door to negate the distance between himself and the caster.

Unfortunately for the two mobility using party members, their attacks were foiled, and first Belgost, then Kilvas tumbled to the ground. The former after failing to drag the Derro Lich/Witch from his perch above the room. The latter after being paralysed and then dropped through the grating.

Meanwhile, the rest of the group tackled the undead threat, and Saestra stoically attempting to bash an exit for the group.

During the confrontation, Belgost was trapped in a bone cage which twisted and turned against his efforts to break free; and Kilvas was knocked unconscious and frozen on the ground. Luckily for Kilvas, Belgost had managed to drag him from the direct confrontation before any further damage was done to Kilvas’ prone form.

The rest of the group soon made short work of the undead, and Saestra finally destroyed the constructs blocking the exit. Lyle and Shevall soon headed to Belgost’s aid, and with their help the now furious Belgost was freed from his imprisonment.

Session ended there, after Lyle and Shevall leave Belgost to drag the still paralysed form of Kilvas away from the danger and back towards the exit.

All the way, Belgost muttering to himself that this group were not the heroes he thought they would be…

XP gained was 2880

Cleaning House

Session Summary:
After coming back from the svirfneblin village with some svirfneblin (deep gnomes) in tow, the PCs get a warning from a drow servant of the lich ruling Maerimydra.
The party decides that V’reck is looking after their friends, and therefore they do not need to disturb the Vermin Lord/Cockroach woman. Instead, they meet up with two new adventurers, Windra (a paladin of Tyr) and Nikita(sp?) (an arcane blaster/warlock). Shevall outlines the mission to the new party members, and the group soon heads off to clear out the right hand side of this level.
Prior to leaving, they check with the gnomes and refugees, and outline a defense strategy (with the apprentices asked to take care of the camp while the scouting party is away)

The party heads back through the main hall, and leaves the haunt alone after discussing what they would need to do in order to put the spirit to rest. Deciding they do not have the ability to treat the haunt properly right now, they press on, and head to the right hand side of the complex.
At the first door, Belgost realises that it would be best for the rogues to deal with the rusty and disused door. So Lyle and Kilvas quickly use some oil and manage to release the rusted dead-bolt with little fuss.

Entering the 10ft wide corridor, Belgost casts Dancing Lights at the end of the corridor, to enable the group to see the far away target, and in the hopes of causing a distraction. Saestra and Windra follow behind Belgost, then Shevall and Kilvas with Nikita and Lyle taking up the rear. Not far from the entrance, Lyle and Shevall notice that there are some amphibious bug eyed creatures observing the dancing lights created by Belgost’s spell. The rest of the group confer, and Saestra advises that the Kuo Toa at the end of the corridor appear to be undead.

The party prepares for battle, and within a minute or two have engaged four (4) Kuo Toa in hand to hand combat. Using teamwork and spells to ensure that the group is protected not just by armour, they quickly dispatch two of the kuo toa, before another two of the bug eyed monsters join into the battle. These join hands and cast a lightning bolt at the adventurers, which Belgost and Windra shrug off (due to their ancestry), Kilvas nimbly avoids, and Nikita at the rear unfortunately takes a glancing blow from the sparks.

Rushing in, Kilvas manages to flank the enemies, while the rest of the group dispatches the Kuo Toa with spells and steel.

After the brief combat, the group investigates the corridor in which the Kuo Toa emerged. After 30 feet, it branches into a t-intersection, and the group investigate the opened south side door.

On the other side, they notice a large “barracks” with lights emanating from the grates in the ceiling. Everything appears disused, until in the dim light, the group notices a large undead hydra who has made this disused portion of the ruins its home.

Session ended there as the group prepares for combat, players get 916XP for the session.

Next game, the players will engage the undead hydra (or run away from it) we should plan our first round of combat (if that’s not too meta) via e-mail.

Spells still running:
Belgost has:
Shield on self (3 min duration, approx 1 min left); +4 shield bonus to AC
Bless on the Party (3 min duration, 1 min left); +1 morale bonus to hit, +1 to saves vs fear
Protection from Evil on Saestra (3 min duration, 1 min left); +2 deflection bonus to AC; +2 resistance bonus to saves,
Alarm on the corridor (6 hours remaining) alarm is audible, and triggered by creatures other than the party moving through the previous intersection leading back to the opened stairway leading to the remainder of the camp.
Saestra has:
Shield of Faith on self (4 min duration, approx 2 min left) +2 AC
Shield of Faith on Windra (4 min duration, approx 2 min left) +2 AC
Shevall has:
Shield on self (4 min duration, approx 2 min left); +4 shield bonus to AC
??? armor

Player comments (Dom):
Belgost now has access to 2nd level spells, but won’t be able to cast any until the group rests. I’m going to take Cure Moderate Wounds, and one other spell, dunno if that should be Invisibility or if I should take something more utility.
I have 3 advancement points. And can either… raise my wisdom, or more likely, get dodge as a feat….

We still have a majority of the buff spells cast. I’m thinking we need to do this right, so people should use their Knowledge Religion and Knowledge Arcana skills to figure out how best to combat this monster.


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