Battle through the Underdark

Back to the Dwarven Outpost

The party continues with the mundane and terrible task of dealing with their dead, taking care of the wounded and ensuring the innocents in the cart are safe.

After some travel, they reach the intersection were they camped last time.

Under the ledge is a faintly glowing blue hemisphere, inside is a striking female darkelf in dark metallic dress.
The edge of the sphere appears to be a magic circle with slowly pulsating magical script.

“So you defeated an ambush, saved the children, and defeated my demon assassin; I hope your numbers have thinned out, I would hate to think I have been summoning these slaves for nothing. Anyway, I have a humble request…”
“I have been instructed to watch over this quadrant from the new city Kiranzess, formerly Maerimydra. I would rather not waste my resources on yourselves; you can return to your Dwarven ruins unmolested but you are not to encroach on this land again.
If you fail to do so, I will send demons not to kill you, but to kill your humans, and now your gnomish pet; their deaths will be on your heads.
I believe the top of those ruins you hide in leads into a dwarven city in the upper underdark, that is not in my quadrant and I could care less what you do there.
Do you understand, and accept?"

After some deliberation, the party accepts the ceasefire, though their dragon companion V’reck queried their sanity in talking to a hobgoblin zombie.

The group discover that the image of the drow is nothing but a figment, an illusion (albeit a powerful one). They soon make short work of the zombie and continue on towards the dwarven outpost they call home.

Questions/comments posed by the group:
Lyle: “She seems powerful enough to have already killed us a thousand times over. Why hasn’t she? She seems to be toying with us. Let us get out of here and back to safety.”

Saestra: “I wouldn’t suggest an alliance by any means, but a non-aggression or ceasefire while we get the dalesmen to safety is a good idea.”

Kilvas: “Is this drow a servant of the Lich the svirfneblin spoke of?”

Shevall: “We’re not here to defeat evil or even to destroy undead. We’re here to bring the Dalesmen to the surface. A truce with this thing could be a blessing.”

Belgost: “That sending was powerful magic, at least more magic than I can throw at range. As to the motivations of one serving a lich. I doubt we’d find out more by discussing it in the dark.”

After their conversation in the dark, the party find the rest of the trip back uneventful, though there is some blood where the minotaurs were.

Thrip the elder gnome is actually quite a powerful cleric, though a pacifist.
With some prepared spells he provides food for everyone, though it takes most of his magic.

The quarters are now clean, though sparse of any furnishings.

Renner’s nephew, Callum (son of his sister now dead) has been spending a great deal of time with Ghot, he has demonstrated and affinity with nature is apprenticing with Ghot to become a Druid. He is half-Drow (he was the product of a Drow raiding party), but his appearance does favor his mother’s side with pale skin with a touch of grey in his skin.

V’reck tells Shevall that he is concerned over the their companions who went with the cockroach woman. As the treaty is with the party, V’reck is cutting ties with the survivors so he can investigate without risking the ceasefire, but enable him to spy on the the cockroach woman and maybe eat some delicious KuoToa.

Trek to the Gnomes continues

In the depths of the Underdark, a passageway, leading to a deep gnome (svirfneblin) village. The party decides to setup camp away from the potential dangers of the land below.

Latch, exhausted from his previous watch, and the combat before, strips off his armour and is soon asleep. Saestra, Shevall and Morgan soon follow. The rogues, Kilvas and Lyle split the watch, while the fighter Anwen sleeps, ready for battle.

6 hours into their rest, Lyle (who is on watch) notices some sounds coming from down the passageway. Unable to see in the dark, the halfling rouses Anwen and Latch. The latter creeps up to the passage entrance, and spies two very large forms heading towards the sleeping party.

Deciding that discretion was not the best means forward, Latch threw a sunrod at the two figures, then rushed back, waking the rest of the camp.

Illuminated in the glow of the sunrod, were two fiendish looking minotaurs (Half Fiend Minotaurs) Joining battle, V’reck, charged at one of the flying minotaurs, while the remainder of the party, peppered the advancing fiends from afar with bolts and arrows.

Seeing the rest of his companions awakened, then suddenly drained by some unhallowed field, Latch leapt to battle. Clearing 40 feet in the air, and swinging his sword above him, he charged the now grounded fiends with a bellow of “For Kelemvor!” Unfortunately for Latch, he landed hard upon the ground, and fell. Seizing upon this opportunity one of the fiendish Minotaurs, clove a gigantic axe through the prone half-drow, splitting him in two with just one blow. Soon the rest of the party were attacking the fiends, and Saestra channeled the anger of her god into the oncoming fiends.

At the end of the battle, the rest of the group, though battered managed to survive. With V’reck ultimately turning one of the fiendish foes into stone, and clawing the other to pieces.

Party managed to obtain 12 gp as loot, plus Latch’s Darkwood Shield, MW composite shortbow (STR 16); and his silver holy symbol. The other items they left with Latch, on a funeral pyre, where they doused him in oil and burnt the remains.

Heading deeper towards their goal. the party ended up finding the svirfneblin village. Only to discover it had been overrun by an undead horde. Taking the path of least resistance, the group decided an orderly retreat was called for, so they headed back towards the gates with V’reck providing cover. On their way out, they were spotted by a winged drow, who aided V’reck and acted as the translator to the Svirfneblin elders.

The party discover that the drow is a half-celestial scion of Elistraee called Belgost. A warrior and dervish who twirled through battle singing while fighting his foes.

It is soon discovered that the svirfneblin are in no condition to hold onto their outpost, with too many threats surrounding them. And so, the party agrees to accompany the gnomes back to Renner and the dalelands refugee camp.

On the way, they are waylaid by a zombified winged minotaur, and a devil of some sort (V’reck called it some type of Barbazu). Unfortunately Anwen succumbed to a spear through her lungs, and Morgan was felled by the beast before the rest of the party drove it away.

A Traipse through the (Under)Dark

5th March 2012 A Traipse through the (Under)Dark

Session started with the introduction of a new character: Morgan the Human Artillery Expert (Sorcerer? 3)

After meeting up with a new party member, the adventuring group quickly decide on a mission, to investigate the gnomish village, and source the much needed slugs for the refugee camp.

About an hour into their journey, they encounter a pair of Minotaurs, who are blocking the path.
Latch, Saestra and Shevall confront the Minotaurs, and soon discover they have no way of conversing. The rest of the PCs stay back and wait in the event of a heated battle.
The group bypass the Minotaurs by bribing their way through (20sp from party funds)

They travel another 7 hours, and decide to setup camp.
While there, Latch and the elves notice that there is a glow coming from a ledge near their camp site.
The party query V’reck who confirms that there is a portal there. With little else to go on, the group decide to leave the portal well alone until they are better prepared to deal with it.

They make camp, and douse their lights, hoping that the two party members who can see in the dark can act as guardians while the rest sleep.

Soon after their rest period (about 3 hours in) Latch notices some activity from the ledge up high. Closing to investigate, he casts Detect Evil and determines that an evil creature (or creatures) have emerged from the portal.

_Deciding that it is best to wake the rest of the party, Latch does so, then flings a sunrod up onto the ledge to illuminate the area _

It is soon discovered that there are undead creatures up on the ledge.

The group enter the fray, and soon realise that they are combatting semi-intelligent drow zombies and a goat headed creature.
During the battle, the group find themselves outmatched for a little while, with Latch and Saestra combatting two of the zombies in hand to hand, while the V’reck deals with a third. The rest of the group provide support via ranged attacks (which they discover is of little use)

Thankfully Kelemvor seemed to smile on the party, as they pull through forcing the goat headed creature to flee. The party then converge on one lone drow zombie, and almost dispatch it, when it decides to also leave the scene. V’reck comes to the rescue and dispatches it with a spray of acid.

End of the combat, each player gets 537 XP.
End of the session, each player gets (100XP/character level)

Some learnings for next time:

  • Most of the creatures we will encounter will be used to seeing without light. We need to use light sources intelligently. Yes, Drow are a difficult set of creatures to combat when they are played intelligently (I actually suspect that the drow zombies were noble drow, as they had levitate and feather fall abilities, which tends to put them above the normal drow combatant)
  • We need to figure out decent tactics in all fights we have (specifically since there is only 1 magic weapon in the party – and that is currently with Shevall – may be worthwhile handing it to either Kilvas or Anwen as a weapon to use)
  • Latch and Saestra work well in combination, however Saestra is hampered by lack of light.
  • What we should do:
  • * Use torches if we have them to create light sources.
  • * Casters who can cast Light on an object, should cast the spell on stones we then cover with mud (or hide) then when combat starts, they fling those to areas of the battlefield which then provides the rest with illumination.
  • * Morgan can then cast Dancing Lights as needed.
  • We need to be prepared to have the following roles:
  • * Saestra, primary Tank. Combat Controller. Saestra forms the centre of any defensive line. She casts Light on either a stone which is hurled to create more illumination, or on herself, ensuring we can all see her.
  • * Latch: Melee Damage Tank; As the most physically imposing member of the party, treat him like a Paladin with a lower BAB. Draw the enemies to him. He will try to make any required tactical moves to allow for flanking
  • * Shevall: Arcane Melee Damage. Shevall should use his abilitiy to deliver touch spells via his melee weapon (which he can imbue to be magical) Shevall should hand the drowcraft short sword to Anwen for use (it means she’s not using a standard longsword which she has a weapon focus feat on, but at least she can then damage creatures due to high BAB and magical weapon, the rest of us should rely on class abilities to get magic weapon properties, until we get magical weapons of our own)
  • * Kilvas, concentrates on flanking in melee. His sneak attacks can help him bypass any DR for most creatures (it stacks with his base damage before he worries about DR)
  • * Lyle, concentrates on flanking in range, then providing sneak attacks with his crossbow. He should be doing this within 30 feet of the melee, so we should expect 1d6+1+sneak attack (2d6?) damage
  • * Anwen should concentrate on providing Flanking opportunities for the others. She has 30’ movement, so she should use this (and use tumble to ignore attacks of opportunity when she can) and just HIT things. Don’t get fancy, don’t worry about trips or disarms, just HIT things till they stop moving. At 3rd level you get armour training 1, which reduces the check penalty of any armour worn by 1 point, so she’ll be better at acrobatics in her chain shirt.
  • * Morgan is best kept as artillery, shooting with his giant crossbow as needed, and blasting things when he is able (if he wants to display those abilities)
  • What we as a group should do next:
  • * We should loot the undead drow, and use their equipment where salvagable. Latch can cast Detect Magic to ensure that we get the pick of the bunch. He also casts Acid Splash on corpses to ensure they aren’t brought back as undead which may cause us troubles later on.
All Aboard

Hi guys and gal.

Looks like everyone has joined now.

Feel free to add you character info under the character tab and I’ll link it all through the Wiki.
I’ve added a basic stat block of my character and abilities.

Scott has been promoted to GM, Scott can now post secret info on here and none of us will be able to see it. That might help scott out somewhat.

Kilvas/Kyle out

Edit: Also if anyone has the adventure notes from before I joined, email them to me and I’ll upload them here, to the right date.

Party Credo?

As stated by Shevall

“Membership of the scouting party infers a commitment to devote one’s life to help our civilians survive and return to their homes on the surface.

We accept this responsibility gladly and its associated privileges with some reluctance. For myself, I am acting on orders to assess the situation and aid survivors of the attacks which led us into Myth Drannor.

One of the uncomfortable realities is that without us, the Dalesmen are doomed to death by monster assault or starvation.

We must, therefore, be at our best to give us the greatest chance of fulfilling our mission. Any shame about the suffering of those we have been charged to protect must be fashioned into drive to succeed tempered by self preservation. If we are lost, all is lost.

On the foundation of these values we build our priorities. These priorities determine the application of our efforts and resources.

First amongst these is to survive. This applies to all in our underground community. Where necessary or strategically advantageous, proceeds from adventuring should be used for supplies, farming and defence of the camp. This should be kept to a minimum to leave the lion’s share of funds for priority two.

Priority two is the development of the scouting party in power and effectiveness. The majority of the proceeds of adventuring will be invested in weapons, protective gear, spells and related magical items, and consumable items, magical and otherwise. Purchases will be made with a view to overall team effectiveness.

To facilitate optimal combat and exploration effectiveness, salvaged equipment will be used by the team member who will create the greatest impact by its use. It is my understanding that amongst adventuring types the convention is to distribute the spoils by even shares by value. In theory, this is a good idea but with civilian lives at stake, even distribution of treasure for the sake of fairness is a luxury we simply cannot afford.

I suggest we consider all appropriated funds and equipment the property of the Dalesmen but to be administered by the scouting team until the completion on the mission. "

Kelemvor Clerics Enter

On the party’s return to the settlement, they are met by two figures in armour. A tall lanky young man calling himself Latch, and a fearsome young lady in full plate calling herself Saestra. The pair are warrior priests for the god Kelemvor, whom Latch calls the Judge of the Dead. Apparently they were travelling from a monastery in Vaasa, to the Dales in order to minister to those in need of funeral rites.

Upon being told of the refugee’s plight, the cleric (Saestra) and inquisitor (Latch) both agree to assist. The party then heads off to clean out the “kitchen” area of the Otyugh who has made that area its nest (as this threatens the safety of the refugees).

The group heads to the kitchens, with Latch leading (apparently without any need for any light) and the rest of the party following behind. When the group gets to the mess area, Latch hands a bullseye lantern to Kilvas and the group searches the area (briefly). After finding nothing of importance, the group then head to the “pantry” to deal with the beastie.

Saestra soon determines that the Otyugh and its young are soulless creatures who will threaten any camp made in this area, and a battle ensues.

The priests block the doorway, and Saestra advises the rest of the party to back away. Unfortunately, the group do not create enough distance for Saestra to use her “death field” ability.
In the melee, V’reck opens up by charging the Otyugh "mother’ and the rest of the party attempt to deal with the “babies”
A short combat later, the kitchens are cleared, and the job of cleaning up the mess begins.

In the rubble the group find:
a spear (not sure if masterwork or just normal and usable)
a longbow (currently broken)
800sp in loose coins
a silver coffee pot (which V’reck wears on his head)
a magical set of bracers/bracelets
a magical ring.

Both the ring and bracers show traces of Abjuration (Protective) magic when Latch checks their auras. This is further tried by Shevall and Saestra both getting into a session of fisticuffs.

Players got 257 XP for defeating the Otyugh, and (current lvl x 100) XP for attending the session.

Next session, we need to clear out the Right Hand side of this level (the stairs can wait, we don’t have anything that can seriously harm the haunt right now)
PCs are:

Saestra (Steven) Human Female Cleric of Kelemvor 3
Shevall (Mick) Elf Male Magus 3
Lyle (Jason) Halfling Male Rogue 3
? (Michael) ? ??? Sorcerer 3
Latch (Dom) Half-drow Male Inquisitor of Kelemvor 2
Kilvas (Kyle) Human Male Knife Master 2
Anwen (Mel) Half-elf Female Fighter 2

V’reck (Scott NPC) Dragon Male ?? DRAGON 4HD (sorry I haven’t got knowledge Arcana, and I don’t think everyone else has figured it out quite yet)

Roles right now are:
Saestra – Tank and Combat Control/Buffs (Cl)
Latch – Melee Tank and minor Healing Magic. (In)
Lyle – Ranged Flanker and trapfinder (Ro)
Kilvas – Melee Flanker and sneak attacker (KM)
Anwen – Melee AoO (Fi)
Shevall – Arcane Caster/Buffs (Ma)

??? – Arcane Blaster (So)
V’reck – Skirmisher (Dr)

Party order should probably be:
Assuming 10ft wide corridor
Latch (in Front)
Saestra and Anwen
Kilvas and Shevall
Lyle and the Sorcerer
V’reck (either covering rear, or flying up ahead as scout)

In Combat (assuming there is enough room)
Latch and Saestra form the centre (they stand 5 ft / 1 Square apart)
Anwen standing 5 ft/1 Square behind the empty square (creates more threatened area)
Shevall 5 ft away from Anwen
Kilvas 5 ft away on the opposite side of Anwen
Lyle on the same side as Shevall (getting flank opportunities when he can)
the Sorcerer on the same side as Kilvas (so he has line of effect when needed, but is still at the rear so he is protected)
V’reck skirmishing and flying in from directly behind Anwen.

Jason, you need to get Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot and Rapid Reload (takes 9 Advancement Points) It should allow you to get a +1 to hit and damage with your crossbow (so long as you are within 30 ft of the enemy); Shoot into Melee (without penalty of hitting friendlies); and Reload your light crossbow as a free action (you want this so you can move and still shoot)

Mel, Anwen should probably get Knowledge (dungeoneering) up to 2 ranks and Intimidate up to 2 ranks. Also if you have any skill points left, raise your Perception to 2 ranks, and Acrobatics to 2 ranks.

Mick, we need to get Shevall more into an attacking role rather than buffing role. Leave the buffs to the clerics (or cast them before the combat if we know a fight is coming)
Both Saestra (Steve’s cleric) and Latch (my Inquisitor) can cast Shield of Faith (giving a +2 deflection bonus to the target) though I’ll be eating through whatever cure spells I can cast (Steve has a wand of cure light wounds, but I’d rather not waste that too much)

Between big combats, lets just agree to head back to camp to lick our wounds (heal and all that jazz) For us right now, this is any combat where our hit point total goes below 50%

Tactics we should use:

Against Undead – Shevall and Latch step back from front line and bombard separate targets with disrupt undead (every round until the creatures close, then Latch will switch to sword and board)
Saestra probably wants to close and use the sword, and any spells she may have.
Anwen should provide backup to Shevall (hitting any foes that may close) or alternatively, protect the sorcerer (Michael’s new character)
The rogues should create as much flanking as they can manage, and use sneak attacks on the undead foes (if this means you have to move behind them, do so.) Tandem the sneak attacks if you have to (just remember sneak attacks work for ranged weapons within 30 feet, or 1 range increment, which ever is less)

So we can get the ball rolling next game, please all have your characters ready, and the plan is to clear out as much of the Right Hand side rooms as possible.
Once we’ve done that (and have a bit more XP under our belts, lets tackle the Haunt – though I dunno how to destroy it)


Not much completed

PCs rest interrupted by a Skulk “ambassador” pleading that no attacks be made against his tribe.
PCs agreed to the truce, and then interrogated the ambassador to find more information out. They discovered that a tribe of Kuo Toa are responsible, but finding themselves currently outnumbered, the PCs decide on securing their areas first.

They investigate the rooms on the left hand side of the Grand Entrance Hall.
They find a Rec Room (with target dummies, loads of equipment for training young dwarves, and other recreational equipment), a Kitchen, a matching Barracks to the north (disused, and only securable by sealing the doors), and a suite of appartments for dwarven officers and their families.

While searching the appartments, the players encounter a scary dwarven female who appears in control of swarms of vermin. Unfortunately, the PCs are hit by indecision and they are attacked.
Yelling to the others to retreat, Thorek holds his ground to ensure others can escape. Phaeton stays to provide what little backup he can.

During the melee, Phaeton releases his darkness ability, forgetting that the swarms are unaffected by this entirely. In the confusion, both Thorek and Phaeton are engulfed by swarms of cockroaches, and the majority of the party manage to flee.
Balak decides to return and provide what aid he can, and he assists V’reck in defending the rear-guard. Unfortunately he is seriously injured (along with V’reck)

Session ends with V’reck and Balak facing off with the creepy female dwarf (druid?/swarm master?) with the remaining party fleeing for their lives.


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