Battle through the Underdark


Hall of the Dwarf God

The party, still on L3 (in the Hall of the Dwarf Gods).
There are a number of bas-relief images on the walls:

  • Bald Dwarf sitting at a table infront of a horde of coins and gems, on the other side of the table is a human with his head in his hands.
  • Dwarven woman standing at the hearth, holding a max in a defensive stance, behind her is a crowd of dwarven children
  • A silver bearded dwarf with giant twin double axes charging a one-eyed Orc.
  • Female Duergar, her head is surround by an halo of fire.
  • Dwarf in adventurer garb going down a cavern, he has turned back to you with a glint in his eye inviting you to follow.
  • Profile of a Shield Dwarf with a beard that seems to be made of crystal, he is standing in front dwarvern catecombs crushing the skull of a wight;
  • A weary looking dwarf wearing a mask, he stands in front of the ruins of a dwarven city. The stone he is carved in appears to be darker than the rest.
  • A beautiful dwarvern warrior maiden dancing with a greatsword through a horde of (dying) goblins.
  • A bald duergar sits on an iron throne, chained to the throne are countless slaves of many races (including dwarves).
  • A young and joyful dwarven warrior is running along a road, with a forest behind and mountains in the distance.
  • A wise old, but powerful looking dwarven king on a throne. His gaze is intense, looking at him makes you feel like he is looking into your soul.
  • Beautiful maiden in a mushroom field is kneeling beside a dying dwarf, her hovering hand is surrounded by a halo. It looks like she is about to use some healing touch.
  • A wild naked dwarf is climbing a massive tree using clawed gloves.
  • A laughing dwarf is taking a coin punch from a elven patron who is holding a magnificent longsword like a long lost child.
Spoon has touched the statue of a dwarf with 2 axes.

After about a minute of Spoon zoned out with his tongue touching the bas-relief image of a silver bearded dwarf with giant twin double axes chargint the one-eyed Orc. The little creature snaps to, and turns to face the party. In your heads you hear the following

Spoon: All of you tall folk listen up. There’s not much time, and so much to discuss. And as much fun as basalt tastes, I don’t think you’re all that interested.

  • First, these images are all some kind of device which allows contact with something or someone else. I have received a warning that we should not touch the images of the Duergar lest we be possessed. When touched, the images take you to another plane or maybe its some form of mind speech, similar to what I’m using now. I urge caution when dealing with these creatures, they may not mean you direct harm, but they have their own agendas. Also once a communion with these beings is ended, their images will remain silent for a cycle of the moon. So beware, don’t squander the opportunity, and be careful.
  • Second, the tall folk on level one, the weakened and the vulnerable can be helped by the running dwarf. We should make this a priority.
    The gnomes we should take to the 7th level of this complex, where they have some form of byway or route to safety.
  • Third, we’re in bigger danger than you know. These dwarves know more, but they have their secrets. The issue we have right now is that a scary being called the Revenancer, or the Lady of the Dead is on her way here, or probably already here somewhere. And we need to do what we can to stop her. This being is revered by the Dark Ones, they treat her like a deity, but she isn’t the Tyrant Poisoner. This place is important to her plans, but I am not sure on what she plans on doing while here or how this will help her bring doom to all.
  • Fourth, the Talking Dead is as old as this place, he knows some of its secrets, and is probably the cause of the ruins we see. Destroying him would help limit the number of foes we have, but I don’t know how to do that. We are potentially safe here from him, but maybe that in itself is an illusion.

I need to warn the Winged One, he needs to lead the tall folk to safety, and he needs to meet with Fangs on the Wind, they need to talk. Or at least the dwarf here <points> told me these two need to talk.

For now, I think we should plan, but before you start, I need to speak to the dancing lady here.

After a little bit of consideration, and Q&A between Spoon and the rest of the group, Kilvas begins moving towards dwarf bas relief wearing the mask carving the ruined city and reaches out to touch it as Spoon reaches out to touch the bas-relief of the dancing dwarf maiden

The party ends up speaking to more of the dwarf gods.

Spoon speaks to Haela Brightaxe, and Kilvas speaks to Gorm
After this, they both inform the party that there is a big evil on the way, and that for one reason or another, the group should try to stop this evil from taking what it wants from the ruins.

Spoon also advises the group that there is now a portal to the surface, which the Refugees should take.

The group then heads back to camp, and prepares the refugees to head to the surface.

The portal itself opened into a basement. The basement of the Old Skull Inn in Shadowdale.
After some conversation with Florin Falconhand, the group manages to convince the dalesmen that they mean no harm, and have some refugees with them (who have apparently been missing 6 months or so)

Some down time is had, the group sells most of its loot, and comes away with 2 wands of cure light wounds and an alchemist’s kit. They also go about getting items identified.

On the way back to the Dwarf Citadel, the group is stopped by Thrip, who wants to converse with the “tall folk” An arrangement is soon made, and the deep gnomes also leave the underground, to make their own way up top.

With the down time over, the group heads back into the Underdark, and take their provisions back to their camp. During this time, they decide to go investigate the 4th level.
On the way up, they once again encounter the ghost. This time it is Spoon in front.
When the ghost dwarf’s fear ability doesn’t seem to affect Spoon, the little creature confronts the ghost, and is soon thrown into the drink (thankfully he is able to survive the fall)
Meanwhile, Windra dispatches the ghost again.

Spoon, while down in the “well” notices the dwarf’s remains. And when Toryn pulls him out of the drink, points out the cracked and chewed bones.

Taking the bones, the group heads back to the Dwarven temple on level 3, and Thibault then goes about researching for methods of properly burying a dwarf.

Once this is done, the group rests for a little before continuing on their way.

Session ends there, PCs get 3200XP


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