Battle through the Underdark

Pits and Spiders...

After dealing with the Drider, killing it, and taking its stuff…

The PCs head through the two double doors. Like most things of dwarven make, these are counter-weighted and use some sort of mechanism to open.

Behind that is a cavernous space, with a stone wall directly in front of the doors, and two walls leading off to side caverns/halls.

The PCs head in, and go towards the left most side-cavern/hall.
Inside it, they see two strange creatures like beholders on legs.

Toryn, charges through, and fails to see the pit covered with an illusionary floor. He tumbles into the pit and lands in a green slime.
The rest of the group, leaps across (save for Windra, Thibault, and Spoon) to engage the creatures.

Thibault casts some spells to summon creatures, Windra pings the abberations with some arrows, and Spoon charges blindly (not having seen the illusion) and he too tumbles into the pit (thankfully he is immune to the slime, but loses his magical items in the process)

A battle ensues, the PCs are victorious, and Spoon makes it partway up the pit before Toryn eventually saves him.

Soon the PCs see a couple of hooked horrors emerge from the gloom, and as they prepare to attack, the group decides to retreat, while drawing the horrors into the pit.

The plan would have gone off without a hitch, if Spoon hadn’t been left behind (he was playing bait) or if the party hadn’t been ambushed from behind by some form of spidery spell-caster (and its well placed fireball)

Deciding that discretion was the better part of valour, the group retreated fully, with Toryn dropping off Spoon’s magic jar near the doorway. Dorn attempted to stop the spidery spell-caster, but finds himself falling down a secondary pit.

Spoon meanwhile, has been left on his own to deal with the hooked horrors, and is soon bested and sent running away. (Just realised that the sunder won’t work on Spoon as the Statue spell doesn’t actually turn him into an object) He soon flees into one of the pits to recuperate, and after about a minute climbs out to dish some distracting acid damage to the spidery spell-caster before running behind the doors and hiding by melding into his magic jar.

Session ended there, with the PCs getting 686XP each.

Some stuff to clarify:

  • Illusion magic seems uber powerful. Disbelieving doesn’t dispell, and it still blocks line of sight? Should probably take a look into that Scott.
  • Spoon managed to break free of an improved grapple (kinda cool story wise, but no way to do so in statue form or in normal form – though the hooked horrors were doing minimal damage to him – mind you, the size difference kinda negates any actions Spoon could have taken, so I’m still ok with the outcome)
  • There’s other stuff but eh, minor issues not really worth mentioning.


snimmo dmauricio

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