Battle through the Underdark

Movin on Up

Nothing can stop us

The PCs soon meet up with new adventuring companions, and decide to investigate the upper levels.

Leading the way, they head to Level 2, and look at the giant log wall occupying the western quadrant of that level. Deciding that there was no way through, the PCs leave the structure alone, and head to Level 3.

Level 3 is fronted by a small gallery of Dwarven Gods. It is soon evident that the PCs have entered some form of secure area, with the doors only opening once all PCs have made their intentions clear, and have stated their patron deity/ideal.
Past the entry hall, there is a circular room with a fountain in the centre. Leading from this rooms, exits are North, East and West (the Players come from the South hallway)

To the West, the players discover a large library with another exit to the West. Thibault (the Tiefling) investigates past this exit to see another Mess Hall/Communal Classroom used in ages past.
To the North, the players discover another gallery of Dwarven Gods. Each God depicted in statue form. It isn’t until Spoon touches one of the statues (wanting to taste the stone that the Statues move)

Players get 533 XP for the session.

Should get some introductions out of the way:

Spoon – Tiny (21" tall) gnome-like creature, with a strange cast to his angular features. Previously thought to be rather orcish, the features resemble something from the land of Faerie more (being something more akin to a very bestial looking elf than anything else) While previously he appeared to be made of terracotta, on closer inspection, you can tell it is some form of living stone. There are lines of power which further define his features (like some form of magical tattoo) Carries a large (for the creature) silver ladle and not much else.

Can the rest of the PCs please do a little intro like the above?

Next steps…. Obviously Spoon has caused something to move… we’ll need to either play that bit out in e-mail or in next session.
We should get the other PC introductions out of the way, starting with the Tiefling (at least we know his name)

Also, as part of the “downtime” let’s assume the players managed to rest, and identify the loot from last session.


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