Battle through the Underdark

Kelemvor Clerics Enter

On the party’s return to the settlement, they are met by two figures in armour. A tall lanky young man calling himself Latch, and a fearsome young lady in full plate calling herself Saestra. The pair are warrior priests for the god Kelemvor, whom Latch calls the Judge of the Dead. Apparently they were travelling from a monastery in Vaasa, to the Dales in order to minister to those in need of funeral rites.

Upon being told of the refugee’s plight, the cleric (Saestra) and inquisitor (Latch) both agree to assist. The party then heads off to clean out the “kitchen” area of the Otyugh who has made that area its nest (as this threatens the safety of the refugees).

The group heads to the kitchens, with Latch leading (apparently without any need for any light) and the rest of the party following behind. When the group gets to the mess area, Latch hands a bullseye lantern to Kilvas and the group searches the area (briefly). After finding nothing of importance, the group then head to the “pantry” to deal with the beastie.

Saestra soon determines that the Otyugh and its young are soulless creatures who will threaten any camp made in this area, and a battle ensues.

The priests block the doorway, and Saestra advises the rest of the party to back away. Unfortunately, the group do not create enough distance for Saestra to use her “death field” ability.
In the melee, V’reck opens up by charging the Otyugh "mother’ and the rest of the party attempt to deal with the “babies”
A short combat later, the kitchens are cleared, and the job of cleaning up the mess begins.

In the rubble the group find:
a spear (not sure if masterwork or just normal and usable)
a longbow (currently broken)
800sp in loose coins
a silver coffee pot (which V’reck wears on his head)
a magical set of bracers/bracelets
a magical ring.

Both the ring and bracers show traces of Abjuration (Protective) magic when Latch checks their auras. This is further tried by Shevall and Saestra both getting into a session of fisticuffs.

Players got 257 XP for defeating the Otyugh, and (current lvl x 100) XP for attending the session.

Next session, we need to clear out the Right Hand side of this level (the stairs can wait, we don’t have anything that can seriously harm the haunt right now)
PCs are:

Saestra (Steven) Human Female Cleric of Kelemvor 3
Shevall (Mick) Elf Male Magus 3
Lyle (Jason) Halfling Male Rogue 3
? (Michael) ? ??? Sorcerer 3
Latch (Dom) Half-drow Male Inquisitor of Kelemvor 2
Kilvas (Kyle) Human Male Knife Master 2
Anwen (Mel) Half-elf Female Fighter 2

V’reck (Scott NPC) Dragon Male ?? DRAGON 4HD (sorry I haven’t got knowledge Arcana, and I don’t think everyone else has figured it out quite yet)

Roles right now are:
Saestra – Tank and Combat Control/Buffs (Cl)
Latch – Melee Tank and minor Healing Magic. (In)
Lyle – Ranged Flanker and trapfinder (Ro)
Kilvas – Melee Flanker and sneak attacker (KM)
Anwen – Melee AoO (Fi)
Shevall – Arcane Caster/Buffs (Ma)

??? – Arcane Blaster (So)
V’reck – Skirmisher (Dr)

Party order should probably be:
Assuming 10ft wide corridor
Latch (in Front)
Saestra and Anwen
Kilvas and Shevall
Lyle and the Sorcerer
V’reck (either covering rear, or flying up ahead as scout)

In Combat (assuming there is enough room)
Latch and Saestra form the centre (they stand 5 ft / 1 Square apart)
Anwen standing 5 ft/1 Square behind the empty square (creates more threatened area)
Shevall 5 ft away from Anwen
Kilvas 5 ft away on the opposite side of Anwen
Lyle on the same side as Shevall (getting flank opportunities when he can)
the Sorcerer on the same side as Kilvas (so he has line of effect when needed, but is still at the rear so he is protected)
V’reck skirmishing and flying in from directly behind Anwen.

Jason, you need to get Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot and Rapid Reload (takes 9 Advancement Points) It should allow you to get a +1 to hit and damage with your crossbow (so long as you are within 30 ft of the enemy); Shoot into Melee (without penalty of hitting friendlies); and Reload your light crossbow as a free action (you want this so you can move and still shoot)

Mel, Anwen should probably get Knowledge (dungeoneering) up to 2 ranks and Intimidate up to 2 ranks. Also if you have any skill points left, raise your Perception to 2 ranks, and Acrobatics to 2 ranks.

Mick, we need to get Shevall more into an attacking role rather than buffing role. Leave the buffs to the clerics (or cast them before the combat if we know a fight is coming)
Both Saestra (Steve’s cleric) and Latch (my Inquisitor) can cast Shield of Faith (giving a +2 deflection bonus to the target) though I’ll be eating through whatever cure spells I can cast (Steve has a wand of cure light wounds, but I’d rather not waste that too much)

Between big combats, lets just agree to head back to camp to lick our wounds (heal and all that jazz) For us right now, this is any combat where our hit point total goes below 50%

Tactics we should use:

Against Undead – Shevall and Latch step back from front line and bombard separate targets with disrupt undead (every round until the creatures close, then Latch will switch to sword and board)
Saestra probably wants to close and use the sword, and any spells she may have.
Anwen should provide backup to Shevall (hitting any foes that may close) or alternatively, protect the sorcerer (Michael’s new character)
The rogues should create as much flanking as they can manage, and use sneak attacks on the undead foes (if this means you have to move behind them, do so.) Tandem the sneak attacks if you have to (just remember sneak attacks work for ranged weapons within 30 feet, or 1 range increment, which ever is less)

So we can get the ball rolling next game, please all have your characters ready, and the plan is to clear out as much of the Right Hand side rooms as possible.
Once we’ve done that (and have a bit more XP under our belts, lets tackle the Haunt – though I dunno how to destroy it)


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