Battle through the Underdark

its a Trap!!

PCs retreated from the Drow Level (lvl 4) leaving Spoon stranded up there on his own.
Spoon managed to escape from the Hooked Horrors and hid near the stairway.

PCs regroup after a little bit of rest and decide to re-engage the drow.
They attempt to head in, planning some of their actions on the stairway, but get interrupted by a lone drow who appears to be setting traps.

Thibault manages to zap the drow with a charge from his wand of lightning.
The rest of the group then engage and Toryn is attacked by two Hooked Horrors waiting on the other side of the double doors.
Spoon tries to assist, but isn’t much use, and Toryn is soon drubbed into unconsciousness.
In the meantime Kilvas enters the fray, and is rent asunder by a hooked horror, who is just waiting for a new target.
Windra tries to assist as well, but is overpowered.

Meanwhile, the pack of celestial dogs summoned by Thibault takes down one of the hooked horrors., and Spoon blasts the other with an acid bolt.

With the hook horrors down, Thibault then walks into the battleground and searches for the hidden mage. He spots the caster and they swap spells (Thibault’s lighting versus the enemy spellcaster’s fireballs)

End of the combat, Thibault and Spoon walk away (relatively unhurt) Kilvas is ashes (after having 2 fireballs explode around his corpse) Windra is a charred corpse (after being blown to bits from 1 fireball) and Toryn is a slightly charred unconscious giant.

Session ended there, PCs who were conscious gained 4500XP

As the two remaining PCs head off, Thibault summons a couple of celestial apes to drag the Windra’s corpse, Toryn’s unconscious form, and the remaining artefacts from Kilvas (if any survived the double fireball)

Spoon’s magical jar seems to glow for a little bit, and then Thibault sees some cracks appear on the jar and on Spoon.
As the two PCs approach the stairs, Spoon crumbles into dust, and his voice is heard saying… “Not again!”
Surviving PCs nearby (within 30’) get healed with 2hp of positive energy (yeah I rolled low)

Spoon has just emerged from his terracotta cocoon. He’s with Thibault and an unconscious Toryn, heading towards the 3rd floor (the Dwarven Temple)
Last you all remember is a blinding flash of light, and Spoon’s terracotta body exploding in a flash of positive energy (it heals 2 hp to everyone within 30 feet)

In his place you see:
a slender dark haired elf appears from the ashes of the tiny terracotta statue you knew as Spoon. Clothed in leathers and silk, you notice that he is bound hand and foot in cold iron chains which appear to have intricate arcane marks traced onto their surface. Looking closely, you realise that his features match those of your friend Spoon.
As you watch, the symbols glow, and the chains crumble into a pile of rust at his feet.

Right now we should look at the party build again, and figure out what we want to do.

We have:
1x Arcane Caster: Thibault (Tiefling Wizard)
1x Divine Caster: Dorn (Ghaele Eladrin)
1x Melee Tank: Toryn (Ogre Magi Warrior)
1x Tactical Freak: Spoon (Elf Soul Knife)
1x Half Giant? ?? (Half Giant ?)

Mel is making a blaster
Kyle is making a ranged fighter.

Not sure what the Half Giant was (Michael, we haven’t done any character introductions for any new characters)

Spoon has now been updated to reflect his Melee Combat build (yaay for way too much Level Adjustment again)


snimmo dmauricio

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