Battle through the Underdark

Hydra (u) like Construct (ion)

After a brief discussion, the group prepared for battling an undead hydra.

As they entered the combat, Belgost noticed a figure watching the group from the rooms above. Deciding that nothing could be done that moment, the group entered the room and advanced towards the Hydra.

Taking flight, Belgost closed and surveyed the surroundings, his impatience at being land-bound showing as he attempted to use his Smite ability on the Undead Hydra. The rest of the group followed suit. It became obvious to Saestra, (and later to Belgost) that the Hydra they faced, was neither a Hydra, nor undead. Instead they realised (too late) that it was a construct. By this time, the battle was joined, and the group were having to deal with a pack of wights and two construct creatures who blocked the exits.

Taking his spear, Belgost decided to take out what he believed was the construct controller (the foreman as you will); Kilvas took this lead, and cast Dimension Door to negate the distance between himself and the caster.

Unfortunately for the two mobility using party members, their attacks were foiled, and first Belgost, then Kilvas tumbled to the ground. The former after failing to drag the Derro Lich/Witch from his perch above the room. The latter after being paralysed and then dropped through the grating.

Meanwhile, the rest of the group tackled the undead threat, and Saestra stoically attempting to bash an exit for the group.

During the confrontation, Belgost was trapped in a bone cage which twisted and turned against his efforts to break free; and Kilvas was knocked unconscious and frozen on the ground. Luckily for Kilvas, Belgost had managed to drag him from the direct confrontation before any further damage was done to Kilvas’ prone form.

The rest of the group soon made short work of the undead, and Saestra finally destroyed the constructs blocking the exit. Lyle and Shevall soon headed to Belgost’s aid, and with their help the now furious Belgost was freed from his imprisonment.

Session ended there, after Lyle and Shevall leave Belgost to drag the still paralysed form of Kilvas away from the danger and back towards the exit.

All the way, Belgost muttering to himself that this group were not the heroes he thought they would be…

XP gained was 2880


snimmo dmauricio

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