Battle through the Underdark

Hydra Down, Jahvocks Down, Saestra Sheval Nikita Down

Talky Talky (Kilvas), Sparkly One (Windra), Shiny Woman (Saestra), and Pointy Ear (Shevall) seem intent on defeating the ginormous construct shaped like a hydra. Broken Orc (Toryn) has agreed to help (which is good) and Living Dead Man (Nikita) has also agreed. These people need my help, so I tagged along with them.

Pointy Ear is a big time spell caster, he cast many many spells, mostly to make the big folk even bigger, and to give them the strength of bulls (or what the people down here call Rothe). Shiny Woman also cast some spells, mostly to protect the Sparkly One and herself.

Everything seemed to go alright at the start, there was a plan, and the group stuck to it. They destroyed the Hydra with a little help from myself, making sure that Broken Orc was healed. Talky Talky gave me a curing stick, but it felt more like a hitting stick. You can never tell with the big folk.

After defeating the multiple constructs shaped like a Hydra, the big folk wanted to attack the Deemons… Good Idea says I, as if the Deemons are freed then they would terrorise the people living in the dwarven citadel. And the Winged One wouldn’t like that. He’d probably blame me… Silly big winged ones, they always judge by people’s actions, and keep forgetting we’re not as perfect as they are, even if I do have a spark of the divine. It should know by now I’m a protector.

It all started well, until the Broken Orc, who now looked like a Stunted Giant, attacked one of the Jovok. Seemed that the attack broke the magic circle holding the Deemon, and freed the others. These Jovoks are strange, they seem to be demons of retribution, any hurt you place on them, they then double back on you.

Maybe I should’ve hit them first, it wouldn’t have hurt so much. The first demon did something, released an unholy coldness, and it dropped the Shiny Woman, knocked out Pointy Ear, and hurt everyone else very badly. I tried to save them, but they were too far away, and the cure stick didn’t work all the time… maybe its broken too.

In the end, there were just three of the big folk left. Talky Talky (who was hurt very badly), the Sparkly One (who had been knocked out) and Broken Orc, who seems to have a similar healing ability to my own. They knocked the Deemons out, but I don’t think leaving them alone is a good idea. I think they need to slay the Deemons’ physical forms and make sure they don’t get free. Maybe I can do that for them, I don’t think acid will do much, but maybe strangling the things will. It makes me feel sad that we’re having to do this, in this way, but there’s no other way to deal with Deemons, they’re all about wreaking havoc and causing pain.

I’m sure the Winged One will understand that sometimes you just have to do what’s right. And what’s right with dealing with demons is to get rid of them.

We are about to head back to camp with our fallen friends when the Talking Dead appeared. Apparently he was claiming the dead to re-create his traps. I don’t like Talking Dead, he’s not right in the head, and was threatening everyone. I almost attacked him, but that’s just what he would’ve wanted, and Sparkly One was hurt pretty badly. Best to just leave it be for now. I’ll tell Winged One about it, he’ll probably know what to do.

Session ends there, Surviving PCs get 4600XP


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