Battle through the Underdark

Flight of the Solar

As the group rushes away from the oncoming hordes of hook horrors, Thibault and Spoon stop for a breather.

Spoon, seemingly hurt, starts to glow. He stops, and the little terracotta statue explodes in a burst of bright light.
Standing in its place, is a slender dark haired elf. Taking the stunned Thibault by hand and dragging the unconscious Toryn, he heads downstairs to the dwarf temple.

Confronted by the door, he states his name as Veldrin, and his intent is to serve himself and the greater good (in that order)

Rushing in, he puts Thibault down, and drops Toryn next to Dorn.
He then runs into the hall of the Dwarf Gods, and their reliefs. (aftter rushing a quick intro with Dorn)

By the time the others get into the room, Veldrin is speaking to a Solar (who looks like Clangeddin Silverbeard) and seems to be asking about some assistance in clearing out the drow level so the gnomes have free passage to the surface.

After a short discussion, the Solar vanishes in a brighter than the sun type of flash. Veldrin then addresses Dorn, and the now awake Toryn.

He introduces himself, as their one-time friend Spoon. And makes a comment about “There is no Spoon” then explains that he’s effectively cast a wish spell, which has its own cost in his life essence.

The group then rests, and after they are healed, they head back to the drow level to investigate what has occurred. All the while, Veldrin and Dorn are discussing who Veldrin is, and what brought him into being stuck into the “Spoon” statue.

After they rest, the group notices a lone Orc-Kin looking at them. The group decides the orc is friendly enough (despite it talking to them about poking them full of arrows) and they soon befriend it.

They then leave to investigate level 4. Upon getting there, they see the illusions have been dispelled; realise there is a lot of burnt flesh everywhere and dead drow. They see the remains of Windra and Kilvas (untouched in the middle of the entrance room) and what seems to be a large column like building which is totally untouched by the devastation.

It takes some experimentation, but the group finally manage to open the doors to the building. Inside are sleeping drow, and upstairs is a room with statues looking like the PCs and a miniature Solar. In front of the statues are a bunch of items apparently tailored to each of the PCs.

Next steps for the group will be to explore further and decide exactly what they want to do

PCs received 4000XP (2000 for clearing out the drow, and 2000 for saving the gnomes) and a smattering of items

Scott, just realised the Fort DC was going to be 34; wihch was impossible for me.
So I’ll just drop back to 5th (just need to clarify how much XP that puts me on? if its half-way between 5th and 6th on medium then that drops me down to 19912XP, which with the 4000XP from last night, brings be back to 6th level – so no real change – I’m happy with that if you’re ok with it – effectively means I get zero XP for last night)

Also, I’m going to drop the Inertial Armour Feat (looking at it makes my head go a bit squiffy – its really for high Psionics campaigns, so no biggie for me, I’ll just swap it out with a different feat)


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