Battle through the Underdark

Cleaning House

Session Summary:
After coming back from the svirfneblin village with some svirfneblin (deep gnomes) in tow, the PCs get a warning from a drow servant of the lich ruling Maerimydra.
The party decides that V’reck is looking after their friends, and therefore they do not need to disturb the Vermin Lord/Cockroach woman. Instead, they meet up with two new adventurers, Windra (a paladin of Tyr) and Nikita(sp?) (an arcane blaster/warlock). Shevall outlines the mission to the new party members, and the group soon heads off to clear out the right hand side of this level.
Prior to leaving, they check with the gnomes and refugees, and outline a defense strategy (with the apprentices asked to take care of the camp while the scouting party is away)

The party heads back through the main hall, and leaves the haunt alone after discussing what they would need to do in order to put the spirit to rest. Deciding they do not have the ability to treat the haunt properly right now, they press on, and head to the right hand side of the complex.
At the first door, Belgost realises that it would be best for the rogues to deal with the rusty and disused door. So Lyle and Kilvas quickly use some oil and manage to release the rusted dead-bolt with little fuss.

Entering the 10ft wide corridor, Belgost casts Dancing Lights at the end of the corridor, to enable the group to see the far away target, and in the hopes of causing a distraction. Saestra and Windra follow behind Belgost, then Shevall and Kilvas with Nikita and Lyle taking up the rear. Not far from the entrance, Lyle and Shevall notice that there are some amphibious bug eyed creatures observing the dancing lights created by Belgost’s spell. The rest of the group confer, and Saestra advises that the Kuo Toa at the end of the corridor appear to be undead.

The party prepares for battle, and within a minute or two have engaged four (4) Kuo Toa in hand to hand combat. Using teamwork and spells to ensure that the group is protected not just by armour, they quickly dispatch two of the kuo toa, before another two of the bug eyed monsters join into the battle. These join hands and cast a lightning bolt at the adventurers, which Belgost and Windra shrug off (due to their ancestry), Kilvas nimbly avoids, and Nikita at the rear unfortunately takes a glancing blow from the sparks.

Rushing in, Kilvas manages to flank the enemies, while the rest of the group dispatches the Kuo Toa with spells and steel.

After the brief combat, the group investigates the corridor in which the Kuo Toa emerged. After 30 feet, it branches into a t-intersection, and the group investigate the opened south side door.

On the other side, they notice a large “barracks” with lights emanating from the grates in the ceiling. Everything appears disused, until in the dim light, the group notices a large undead hydra who has made this disused portion of the ruins its home.

Session ended there as the group prepares for combat, players get 916XP for the session.

Next game, the players will engage the undead hydra (or run away from it) we should plan our first round of combat (if that’s not too meta) via e-mail.

Spells still running:
Belgost has:
Shield on self (3 min duration, approx 1 min left); +4 shield bonus to AC
Bless on the Party (3 min duration, 1 min left); +1 morale bonus to hit, +1 to saves vs fear
Protection from Evil on Saestra (3 min duration, 1 min left); +2 deflection bonus to AC; +2 resistance bonus to saves,
Alarm on the corridor (6 hours remaining) alarm is audible, and triggered by creatures other than the party moving through the previous intersection leading back to the opened stairway leading to the remainder of the camp.
Saestra has:
Shield of Faith on self (4 min duration, approx 2 min left) +2 AC
Shield of Faith on Windra (4 min duration, approx 2 min left) +2 AC
Shevall has:
Shield on self (4 min duration, approx 2 min left); +4 shield bonus to AC
??? armor

Player comments (Dom):
Belgost now has access to 2nd level spells, but won’t be able to cast any until the group rests. I’m going to take Cure Moderate Wounds, and one other spell, dunno if that should be Invisibility or if I should take something more utility.
I have 3 advancement points. And can either… raise my wisdom, or more likely, get dodge as a feat….

We still have a majority of the buff spells cast. I’m thinking we need to do this right, so people should use their Knowledge Religion and Knowledge Arcana skills to figure out how best to combat this monster.


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