Battle through the Underdark

Challenge of the Derro

The PCs head back to camp, where Belgost and Lyle say their goodbyes to the Scouting Party. Lyle decides to stay as he feels he can assist with the defenses, and Belgost has found that with the Scouting party away, there is no one to protect the refugees and svirfneblin.

At this time, the group is joined by a new adventurer, the Half-Orc Barbarian/Warrior? Toryn.

After a rest, Saestra cures Kilvas of his petrification, and the group plans their assault on the Construct Hydra. Saestra, Nikita and Shevall decide it best to investigate first prior to simply attacking the Hydra. When they get there, they decide to peek into the chamber first, and soon notice a small demon waiting and taunting them. Deciding that the trap has just become more complex, the trio retreat back to camp followed by the sound of mocking laughter and the clucking of chickens.

The trio of Shevall, Saestra and Nikita brief the others on the new developments, and it is agreed that there is no need currently to attack the Hydra. Belgost reminds them that rampaging demons (even small ones) pose a great threat to the refugees; especially if the demons manage to slip past the scouting party. The group remains resolute, and decide to take care of the more immediate threat, the Haunt in the stairwell.

Once at the Haunted Stairs, Saestra decides to confront the ghost, accompanied by Windra and Toryn. The ghost soon manifests, and panics the otherwise stalwart Cleric of Kelemvor, and the Half-Orc Warrior. With the two running away from “cannibal paladins”, Windra turns to warn the others, but in the confusion the Ghost manages to scare the remaining party into retreating. Shevall manages to make it all the way to the camp before Nikita and Windra disperse the ghost.

Back at camp, Belgost calms Shevall down, and casts some protective magic to help deal with any future possibilities of ghost attack (Aid spell and Protection from Evil)

Meanwhile, Saestra and Toryn make their way to level 4 (10 or so windings of the stairs) and find their way blocked by a stone wall. The two decide to break through the wall, as they feel they are still being pursued by cannibal humans. They spend some time breaking through only to be confronted by a Mind Flayer. Deciding that they are not prepared for this, the two retreat back down the stairs and are met by a small creature calling itself Spoon.

Spoon is a tiny creature, about 21 inches high, who appears to be a gnome warrior made of terracotta. Lines and runes glowing with power appear where the seams in the clay seem to meet, these glow with a cold blue light. Dressed in well made traveller’s clothing of his size, he (?) carries a ladle which appears to be about his size. Careful examination of his face shows that he has an orcish cast to his appearance.

Accompanied by their newfound friend, Saestra and Toryn head back down to the 2nd level, where Spoon has advised that Vreck has apparently cleared of any Fish Men.

Once through the 2nd level doors, the trio of Saestra (Shiny Woman) and Toryn (Orc Sword) and Spoon are confronted with a wide open space and a bridge leading to a bigger cavern. On one side appears a deforested area, and the other leads to a forest full of strange angular trees. They head to the trees after Spoon creates a magical cauldron with Prestidigitation, and filling it with gruel (to appease the cannibals following)

The rest of the group find the cauldron of gruel (and the sign saying Frie Fud (knot poysonus) magically suspended above it) and realise that their friends must have passed over the bridge recently.

On the other side of the bridge, the group encounters the Derro Lich, who offers them a challenge; Take on the Hydra and win the spoils, or face the demons which have now manifested in the room. Either way, the group gets something out of it (either loot, or the safety of the refugees)

Deciding that there is little else they can do, the group head back down to prepare…

Session ended there, XP allocated was 452


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