Battle through the Underdark

Along came a drider...

The group ended up consulting each other on their abilities, and headed up towards the 4th Level, where the carnivorous drow live.

Kilvas and Spoon took the lead, scouting ahead while invisible.
Past the hole in the stone wall, the two scouts find a steel door to the right, and stairs leading higher.

Towards the 5th level, there is another big stone door barring the way.

Deciding it is best to head towards the steel door, the two investigate, and discover it is barred and locked from the inside.
Kilvas then decided to unlock the door, but on finding that it is also barred, the two head back down to the Ghaele and Thibault.

The group then decide to assault the steel door.

On crossing the hole, the two visible PCs (the Ghaele and Thibault) trigger some form of shrieking fungus. In the commotion, Spoon starts knocking on the big steel door (Big thumping sounds using his ladle)

Soon after, a Drow wielding a frying pan opens the door.

While the Ghaele (sorry Mick, I can’t remember your character’s name) distracts the Drow with parley, Spoon sneaks on in.
Unfortunately for Spoon, he steps on some loose stone, and makes a sound which causes some creature/being inside to cast a magic missile spell on him.

Battle soon ensues, and the Ghaele charges the steel door, while Thibault attempts to stop any conflict.

Inside the door, the group sees that the drow is not alone, there’s a monstrous drider casting spells at any who enter.

Spoon turns invisible again, then heads off into the room. Soon followed by Kilvas, who goes off and dispatches the currently stunned Drow.

After this, the Drider catches the group in a Web spell, which is soon dispelled.
Thibault uses some magic to conjure some celestial dogs, while Spoon distracts the Drider with some thrown objects and an acid orb spell.

A quick melee happens, where Kilvas delivers two precision blows to the Drider (killing it) while Thibault disables the drider with a Grease spell.

The Ghaele, Spoon and the summoned celestial dogs meanwhile flank the creature and cause enough distraction to enable the group to survive.

Session ends, with the drider dead on the floor, one exit behind the PCs and another doorway in front.

PCs get 1550 XP from this session


snimmo dmauricio

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